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Tiki'Labs developed a unique technology that improves digital interfaces. Small screens and increasing amount of data create the need for new interfaces that show more with less. Tiki'Labs offers operational solutions, providing both simple and direct access to content or controls. Our multi level interfaces provide users with more options without the complexity. Based on Tiki6keys® technology, we design simple but disrupted interfaces with more efficient navigation methods.

Come with us into the future of connected objects



tikimee signature card

Email Signature Marketing Solution

Engage through Email

Tikimee provides branded email signature platform. It enables organizations to centrally control and update content embedded in each email sent by employees for improved corporate branding, commercial or customer service communication.


  • 100% open rate, 20% click to rate (1st impression)
  • Optimized Mobile navigation
  • Comprehensive data from visits
  • Control over the whole distribution network email signatures
  • Personalization capacity of any level of organization

Unique features

  • Multi channel capability (e-card, web presence, email, emailing)
  • Linking interface with CRM to automatically select content according to recipient of email
  • Personal social network
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smartphone desktop

Smartphone Desktop

Access your app faster than with any other mobile OS

Combine breadth of choice, simple navigation AND personalization. Stop browsing between pages of applications, create YOUR wall to access instantly any content or function you wish.
Tiki'Labs chord keyboard technology provides a customizable user interface. The 6 digit desktop guarantees that accessing the functions that matter will always be straightforward, no matter how many apps you have. Access any of 36 content with just one swipe of the finger.

In-Car Solution

In-Car Solution

The next OS for the connected car

Our interface will be found in parisian taxi cabs to provide easy access to promotional contents and contextual services. We have granted a licence on our technology
to a partner for this application. We also work closely with them to provide this product.
We add value to the passenger's experience with:

  • A single interface to access each content in one gesture
  • Providing on demand, contextual services
In-Car connected systems integrate functions related to comfort, driving, maintenance, directions, driving assistance, communication relay from your phone.

Connected TV Smart Remote

Connected TV Smart Remote

Supporting usability of connected objects

Screens are small and there are many options to choose from.
Tiki'Labs' chord keyboard technology provides a solution to these constraints. Our 6 keys interface gives direct access to 36 contents or commands, with one gesture. Remote controls equipped with such an interface can be used as personal browsers and simplify interaction with connected objects.
We are working on a project to create a smart TV remote control to enable users to navigate easily and quickly through rich content and services. We are adding the opportunity to engage viewers through social media capabilities.

In-Event / In-Store Digital Display

In-Event / In-Store Digital Display

Out-of-Home display interface solution

Enhancing the shopping experience allowing direct navigation through specific content accessed via visual recognition or QR/NFC code:

  • Shopping widgets
  • Wish lists
  • Flight information
  • Wifi access for business
  • Games
  • Magazine / news
Visitors benefit from more choices without the complexity. The retail experience is linked and supported by a digital interaction. Get more information, compare, share and get more from the shopping experience. Linking a digital content to the retail product in store helps the decision making process and increase buying ratio.

Universal (Glass) Controller

Universal (Glass) Controller

Wearable Tech

Our latest project aims at providing an accessory for immersive screens like augmented reality glasses. Our 6 keys interface design fit on a watch or any small pad and can complement voice recognition
We take advantage of the exceptional navigation ergonomy that our chord interface engine provides to fit ever more closely to the needs of the user. Trust your fingers and control your mobile experience


Kinesthetic memory

Our interface is engineered to optimize the brain's kinesthetic memory capability. Typing, navigating and controlling devices using this interface quickly becomes reflex. Our tests show that the "memory in the fingers" is efficiently accessed when browsing on a 6 keys interface. As musicians with an instrument, users navigate through the interface quicky and easily, without thinking. Even with no training. Tiki6keys® UI work with one or two hands, on a touch surface or physical accessories, with vocal or gesture recognition.

Plug & Play Platform

Our technical plaform is available on all major platforms : iOS , Android, Bada, web pages. The cloud based platform can be linked to web services. The grid architecture allows us to customise the interface and adapt to the context of use. Content is displayed according to specific set of rules that can be selected and customized.

Intellectual Property

Our operational team of five gathers high technical and engineering capability in software, web and user interface design. Author of PCT still in the team. 4 PCT applications with worldwide coverage defended by Osha Liang LLP:
  • US 2008015115
  • WO 2010041092
  • WO 2011/098455
  • WO 2011/098457
Six Trademarks and models filed. $3M invested in R&D, representing seven years of prototyping, testing and product development. Our IP assets cover interface navigation, input and smart display methods as well as distributed architecture covering a wide range of domains including: connected cars, connected home and TV, content distribution, mobile CMS, digital signage. Two of our PCT further describe a simplified navigation method that allows direct access to shared organized content.




National and international awards for our technology and products

  • Winner of $300K grant by Ministry of Research (France)
  • Winner, as best mobile technology, of Mobile Rules Contest (Silicon Valley)
  • Nominated for Spiffy Awards by the Telecom Council (Silicon Valley)
  • Labeled by System@tic tech cluster (France)
  • Winner Proxima Mobile Contest (France)
  • Winner Kap Innovation contest at KPMG
  • Winner Innocentive Challenge (web contest)

Some of our clients

Some of our clients

Individuals and companies recognize and value our products and services

Our first applications have attracted more than 100,000 users. The Tikiā€™mee application is used by a wide range of customers, including Orange, Cap Gemini, La Poste, Thales, as well as smaller accounts, improving their marketing and sales effectivenes


Xavier Paulik

Xavier Paulik Tiki'Labs is now ready to integrate its technology into a wide range of products and applications.
Didier Kesler

Didier Kesler We are looking for strategic financial or industrial partners to leverage our technology. With patents, R&D and proven operational capabilities.
Sandrine Mourao

Sandrine Mourao
Nicolas Cangi

Nicolas Cangi